Welcome to Moniiki

“When in doubt, overdress

—  Vivienne Westwood

Moniiki™ is focused on creating bespoke couture garments, designed and fitted specifically for you and the event you have planned. Your experience should be just as bespoke as your new garment, and as a fully qualified fashion designer, I am capable of meeting all your design requirements.

I have an extensive portfolio of finished projects that you are welcome to view if you need some inspiration, alternatively contact me to discuss some ideas.

The Design Process

Say Hello: let us start talking about your requirements, what it is you envision, and bounce some ideas around. In most cases I will be able provide you a rough cost estimate even before we meet for measurements.

The first consultation is where we talk more in depth about the design in mind, and I will explain the different options available to create your perfect design – from style, material choices to construction. I will take all the necessary measurements to create your custom pattern as well.

Once I have finished the pattern and made a mock-p, we can meet for the second consultation. Apart from any required adjustments for fit, this will be the last chance to make small design changes if you would like to do so.

Depending on how the mock-up’s fit went, I will then proceed to create your final garment. Depending on the complexity, style and chosen material of your design, one or more final fittings will be required before handing off.

Some advice on buying fabric before consultation: talk to me about your design first, I will then advise you on the correct fabrics. If, on the other hand you see a particular fabric that you love, by all means get it while you can, but then let us create a design that will work with that specific fabric. And to play it safe, buy an extra meter of fabric, rather have some left over than not enough! I am also available to meet you at the suppliers and provide advice on the spot regarding various materials and possible designs.